Be Infectious

Be Infectious


Dear beautiful souls, 

BE INFECTIOUS! Let your kind spirit echo and resound with others. Your voice is loud and full of power! I find it so impossible to be influential on my own. I need to surround myself with humans who are involved in creative mindsets and who have a constant drive. Character will never be built on its need people to test your heart and lift you up! Keep in mind this attitude works best when it is mutual. I've found myself in friendships where I would sow with no trace of fruit or reaping. I'm not saying to invest in a relationship with the mindset of gaining only, but with the perspective that growth does not occur alone. Flowers don't flourish with their own strength! They need sunlight, water and oxygen to flourish! For this reason, walk into the friendship understanding it does require work, but fully acknowledging for it to succeed there must be effort on both parts! Test your heart this week and evaluate if you're truly investing time and effort into the relationships that are most dear to you. If you are than continue to do so, but if you aren't...His mercies are new every morning  and the dawn marks a new beginning!! Choose today to start fresh and work towards healthy relationships! 

 To continue on this journey of inspiration and creativity, I wanted to feature lovely girls who wear their rags with a unique grace. Ive posted a button with their name that will lead you to their instagrams. My only desire is to encourage you to be yourself! In no way do I want you to "imitate" or  "try to be" someone other than yourself, but instead that you may see them as examples! That you may gain confidence and walk securely knowing God created you with such a deep purpose. Your life matters so much that God designed every part of you with great intent. So step out in confidence...It is attractive to be confident!! 

With lots of excitement & thankfulness, I want to personally thank you for reading and telling others about Rags & Grace! Every month I will featuring beautiful women who wear their rags with grace and they will be speaking encouraging words to your hearts! I pray you are inspired and empowered to walk boldly!  

You are full of power! 



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