Rags & Grace
Rags & Grace


Welcome to the journey of a new perspective. Where clothing has no say in the the worth of your soul, but is used as a tool of self-expression. Rags & Grace serves to empower young girls to wear their "rags" with the inate grace that each every indiviudal was born with. You see, our clothing has much less to do with our value and more to do with how we value ourselves. Represent your uniquness, heart, boldness, creativity, and beauty in the only way you are able to. By simply being yourself. I encourage you to find yourself by taking a page out of my book, loving who God created me to be and truly evaluating why I do the things I do. That you may see beauty and value in yourself by simple ideas, and most importantly that you may love yourself for who God created you to be. 

You are unique

You are called

You are beautiful 

You are full of grace 

From my heart to yours,