Positive Vibes

Positive Vibes


Beautiful women, how have you been expressing yourselves lately? What is the fuel that keeps you sustained? These thoughts linger within and leave prints for days. I've come to the simple conclusion that who you allow into your life carries a severe weight. Be it postive or negative weight, it changes the way you approach each step. Therefore, I've decided that if I carry anything it wil be relationships that are worth each bit of enegry that I put into them. Surround yourself with individuals who will not be a hinderace, but a help. By doing so, I realized my life was filled more with love and postivity instead of envy and negativity. For this very reason, I boldy encourage you to think about who you let into your heart, because whoever gets the privilege to enter will change you... for the better or for the worse.

Let's talk fashion! Insecurties are always present, but don't let them dictate your life. Own your style inspite of the voices. There will always be voices... choose to listen to those voices who are valuble and speak life into you. This leads me into the topic of off the shoulder tops and mom jeans. I always seem to find myself feeing like Wonder Woman wearing these tops. I kinda sorta feel invincible... like a woman should feel! However, mom jeans are the kind of feel that I must be in the mood for, and today I was feeling them. What to learn from this? While clothing can bring confidence, clothing should not always be a determinant of your confidnce. Wear your clothing with pride, accepting your shape and size. Let that confidence bring grace to your rags, and watch how your outfit goes to another dimension. Find the balance and stay there... where humbleness and confidence meet... that is where we should linger.

You are loved!



Top: Urban Outfitters Jeans: Urban Outfitters Sandals: Topshop Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Use your rags with grace and show me by using the hashtag #ragsandgrace