Bold Steps

Bold Steps


Oh, friends! I cannot stress enough the importance of bold steps. It takes great courage to lead a life of boldness. Whenever I feel as if I'm sinking back into anything that resembles a comfort zone I automatically convince myself that being on the deep end is much more fulfilling. I mean, it is simple to stay bound to the daily routines of life and remain a slave to the safety that they provide; yet we never fully reach the maximum potential that each day provides. That is why I dare you to step out in faith. To live a life of intention and drive. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is but seconds away. Live each step boldly and confident that you are capable of greatness.

Currently, I am in a committed relationship with ripped jeans. I mean, they provide a comfort like no other and to be honest I'm in love. You know you love a pair of jeans when you look for excuses to wear them again after you've worn them a couple days in the week. On the other hand, these sandals have me feeling all types of wonderful. Ladies, heels can change your mood! I feel 10 feet tall and just about invincible even though the reality is I'm only 4'11. Choose items that will boost your confidence in a lovely way, but a the same time recognize all styles may not be for us. I've come to the conclusion that just because a magazine, celebrity or even a blog says its "IN" does not mean I must wear it. Be true to your style and your body type. Fall in love with what works for you!

You are darling!



Top: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: BDG- UO

Sandals: Old Navy

Jacket: Primark

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