Stephanie VelezComment


Stephanie VelezComment

Trust. It would be far from the truth to say that trusting God was the easiest part in my relationship with Him. I mean, in general I feel trusting others and uncovering true intentions are a hard task. By no means will I sit here and type up a couple of paragraphs on “how you just HAVE to trust God”. The mere act of trusting God is a lesson for a life time – so today I will simply reveal what I’ve learned recently.

At church this weekend my pastor (Josh Turner) said something that completely wrecked my perspective. He said, “What we fear the most is where we trust God the least”. To be honest that phrase has been stuck in my head for hours now and all I can think of is - What am I afraid of? What have I made bigger than God? What has taken His throne in my life? Has He not proved Himself faithful in the past?

When did we allow ourselves to get to the place where we make everything else around us bigger than the God in front of us. Did He not create the world and everything in it? Isn't He more than able? Beyond qualified?! I’m so foolish to think that my little problems are too “big” for Him to manage. How much more would He need to prove to us for us to just trust?

When we go to Chick-fil-a do we expect them to fail? or do we just know that those waffle fries are always going to be to perfection? We doubt God more than we doubt Chick-fil-a!!!! How silly are we! I know this is a cheap analogy, but it is true! 

He chooses to show Himself time and time again. I can just imagine His graceful response.. "let me show her again" or "I'll show you that my plan is better- I've got you".  Truth is He doesn't have to prove Himself.. He already did that on the cross. That is and should be more than enough. 

What I've began to comprehend is that I forget God’s intentions. His intentions are always good and if I remembered that always, I wouldn’t have a problem trusting Him. If I would remember His faithfulness in the past, I’d trust in His consistency and have full confidence in His performance and plan.

So if today you are doubting His plan TRUST in His promise.. in His past performance. He’s gotten you this far and He’ll continue to carry you even further. Put your problems in perspective and place God at the center of your world.

We are in this together!