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Hustle + Heart

Stephanie VelezComment
Hustle + Heart

Heart + Hustle. We all desire to accomplish the dreams our hearts work up into existence. I always have had a desire to help girls become comfortable in their own skin. I can remember being so uncomfortable in my own skin in High School. I despertately wished that someone could help me become confident and get rid of my insecurities. I would ask God “how can I reach others if I can’t physically be in their presence?” God then placed in me the idea to create a space for girls to come read and leave encouraged. It all started with a small dream. A dream that birthed from a HUGE weakness. 

Why share this? Well, while having dreams are great, I needed to work towards these dreams. Did Rags and Grace just form over night? I wish! I spent weeks building the site, planning outfits and writing posts! Did I just wake up and become confident? Not the case. I had to remind myself daily of who I was. Why I was different! I had to find the things I loved about myself and walk boldly. It took years for me to turn my insecurities into strengths. Truth is I never want to be someone who just dreams their life away. The type that just writes “goals” on the pictures of those I admired and throw myself a pity party after. I’m not saying I wouldn’t compliment others, but I know wishing I was someone else cheapens God’s work. I can be happy for others and work towards my goal all at the same time. Did I have the heart for it? FOR SURE! Did I have to hustle? HECK YES. 

What’s the point? If God has placed a dream in your heart, don’t just sit and wait for it to magically come into existence. Work daily towards it. Do YOUR part. I promise you that when we do our part, God is more than willing to do His in HIS perfect timing. I find many times while we are waiting on God, He is actually waiting on us. Having the heart isn’t enough – you need to hustle for those dreams! Be active in the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t just wish your life away. Take daily steps towards those goals. If God has called you to it, He’ll give you the strength to finish. Start dreaming again..and start hustling!

 You are capable of so much more! 



Sweater - Brandy Melville 

Skit - Zara

Shoes - Steve Madden

Choker - Zara

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