Addition + Subtraction

Addition + Subtraction

Addition + Subtraction. What kind of people are you surrounded by? Givers or takers? Do the people who have earned a spot on your list add or take away from your life? More importantly, are you a giver or a taker? I’ve spent some time thinking about this today. Truth is, we all like to be painted as the “giver.” We love to be the hero or the MVP. Now, the giver, hero, and the MVP all have one thing in common.. they are GIVERS. They put in work. They are constantly pouring out.

Understand that I am not saying that we all want to be the center of everything. However, we like the idea of being seen as “the giver,” when in reality, we often get caught up in the “taker” role. We love being on side of things once the hard work has been completed. It’s just part of human nature. For me, this is probably one of most unattractive characteristics a human can have. It is always my goal to shed light on the ugly parts of our inner beings so as to empower ourselves to become better people. We spend so much time plucking our eyebrows and putting on lipstick to become “beautiful,” yet, selfishness is never really addressed as a problem. Which is the danger of focusing solely on outer beauty. Inner beauty is something that requires work. 

In reality, selfishness is rooted deeply in all of our hearts. It’s not pretty and it makes people become alienated from those around them because their only thought is “me.”  Selfishness says “what can I get from this person” instead of “how can I add to this person.” Selfishness screams “What do I want” instead of “What can I give.” I am in no way above this. In all honesty, none of us are and life requires that every so often we take a step back and evaluate ourselves and motives. 

Jesus is the best example of this. He was and is a GIVER. He came to serve and not to be served. Jesus is our standard. He is the epitome of selflessness. Let us strive to be like Him. To be givers and not solely takers. Let us always look for opportunities to add to others and build up those around us! 

You are a giver! 



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