Beads 4 Beats

Beads 4 Beats

Beads 4 beats.

If you find yourself wanting to help others, but with no direction as to the "how." Please know that I am right there with you. It's crazy how when pray for a way to help others or be like Jesus - He responds!! This happened to me about two months ago when I had the privilege of meeting Lucy through Instagram. Lucy is the founder of Beads 4 Beats. She has the most incredible heart and passion for others. Beads 4 Beats was created to spread awareness and raise money to help those who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Not only do the funds raised help those individuals suffering with a terminal illness, but also the families of these individuals so that they can assist and spend time with their loved ones. Once I heard about this cause, I immediately knew that I wanted and needed to help. I'm so blessed to have a healthy body and because I have voice, I will do the very best to use it for important causes like this one. 

Let's act and not just speak. Let's join together to help put a smile on someones face. Life is much more than what we wear and the things we posses - let's lift each other up!  Buy a necklace or donate to Beads 4 Beats - let's make a difference together!

Skirt - ZARA 

Top - A'GACI 

Shoes - A'GACI 

Earrings- H&M 

Glasses - Sunglass spot 

Necklace -