Stephanie Velez1 Comment

curly curly curly

Stephanie Velez1 Comment
curly curly curly

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii. Let's talk my current everyday vibes lately, k? K! 


I'm really loving curly hair lately. My natural hair is curly and sometimes it can have a mind of its own.. BUT! I've found a miracle working product by Lush called R + B! It's changed the game for me! 


Okay I know I'm not the only one loving this trend, but its worth mentioning. I've been incorporating glasses in almost all of my looks because why not?! It gives a sweet vibe to any look! 

Hope your week is fab! 

You are worth it! 



Dress - ZARA 

Boots - Dr Martens

Jacket -thrifted

Glasses - Urban