Now trending: Kindness

Now trending: Kindness

Now Trending: Kindness. 

Let’s be real for more than just a second. Let’s take off the mask for more than just one conversation. Kindness is an accessory we wear as we please. It’s a “feeling” we decide to act on when we muster up the energy to. Sadly, you may be reading this with the notion that kindness is not an issue for you, and maybe it isn’t. However, I feel as though we rarely talk about the characteristics we assume everyone has, yet lack every now and then. It’s incredibly easy to be kind when we like the people we should extend grace to, but when we aren't best friends with our neighbor that is when we are tested. Or even people on social media we don't really know.

I mean, think about this for a second.. why is kindness an issue to begin with? Why do we have to turn on the switch and say “well I need to be nice to them” or “I’ll just respond politely”, but deep down I’m stripping the person of their image? Girls, why is being kind not our first response? The response that doesn't require much thought. I’ve come to the conclusion that we allow envy and jealousy to creep in. We allow thoughts of comparison to take deep route. We allow them to make a home in our heart. Slowly we are beginning to elevate ourselves and diminish those around us. 

When did we become better than our neighbor? The reality is we aren't better. We are equally in need of the grace and kindness of our God AND YET He so graciously soaks us in his mercy. At the lowest of our lows and in the most painful atmospheres — HE comes. HE meets us. And He see’s us in the most beautiful form we could ever picture of ourselves. 

Here’s my challenge to you. Check your heart. Check your eyes. Check your motives. If you have no reason to be kind let this be your reason - “Jesus gave His life for me and showered me in kindness and now KINDNESS is my response. Kindness flows from my pores. Let kindness become the very fuel that moves my actions.” 

Know this dear friend that there is mercy for you and for me, but we must always trump evil with kindness. So choose kindness today, tomorrow and the day after that. Forever and ever. 

Ephesians 2:7
In order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.

Be kind!



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