better better better

better better better

If you are like me, you are making your way through January trying to follow through with your resolutions or goals. I’ve never been one to make “resolutions”, because I feel it’s a poor word for what a new year requires. By no means, did I walk into 2017 a completely changed person, nor did you. We set goals and we strive to achieve them daily… thats how change is birthed! 

My goal this is to be better. Heres a list of area’s I’m working towards: 

A better servant.

To give my all in every area. 

A better friend.

To be intention and love selflessly.

A better worshiper. 

To sing with passion and vulnerability.

A better writer. 

To be authentic and inspiring.

A better daughter.

To honor my parents and God and serve them wholeheartedly. 

A better musician.

To become way more skilled and appreciate the talents I’ve been given. 

A better photographer. 

To experiment and reach new heights.

A better reader. 

To read the word daily and mediate on it day and night.

A better Stephi. 

Ultimately to become more like Christ. 

Make a list of what you want to better and take daily steps to be better! 

You got this! 



Jacket - ASOS


Shirt - MAS TACOS 

Shoes - Lovesick