Happy Two years

Happy Two years

It's been two incredible years of Rags and Grace. I've gone through a million different seasons and found comfort in sharing my heart in its most vulnerable state. Instead of writing something new, I've decided to repost my second blog post from two years ago. Essentially I'm "retweeting" myself.  Two years ago I found myself in a painful place and that's the exact place I'm in today. I will always remain vulnerable and open here because this is a safe space. It's the place where weakness becomes strength. Where hurt turns into victory. I see it as me allowing others to step on my shoulders so they can get a better perspective of the "now". So you could see way beyond what I've failed to see before my eyes were opened. These words remain as true to me today as they were two years ago. So here it is:

Pain is real. Pain is beautiful. I've never seen pain as something to aspire to or desire to obtain. Never have I purposely asked to be hurt; yet that does not stop hurt from becoming a reality in my everyday life. I do not have the answer as to why innocent people are going through abuse or why some days smiling is the hardest task to accomplish, but what I am fairly certain of is that beauty lies within our scars. Where there is pain there is growth, and where there is growth there is bound to be beauty. I see it as simple as the season of autumn. Colorful leaves die for a period of time leaving traces of something coming to an end for weeks, but there is hope. Spring soon follows and life is born anew. Sometimes it is imperative for things to come to an end for beauty to come to life. My scars simply testify to beauty in every aspect. They scream of forgiveness, grace, and mercy. I have lived. I have learned. Beauty has birthed.

There is hope!



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