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same team

Stephanie Velez1 Comment
same team

We are on the same team.

At times social media can feel like a race. Not the fun kind but the evil, competition kind. It can either be a weapon or an instrument for good. It has the power to spread poison or spread love. It can either kill our neighbor or heal them. What’s your mission? Are you commenting on content because you truly support them or are you trying to be seen? Or maybe you don’t even want to even seem like your support them so you don’t double tap on their photo because deep down you are jealous. Either way there’s a root to it all. I’m speaking about heavy things today because I care about the quality of our hearts. Social media could stop tomorrow and we’d either be left with good, kind hearts or hearts filled with envy and jealousy. At the end of the day we are measured by the quality of our character, not our likes and follower ratio on Instagram. If your heart was on display for every human eye to see.. what would they see? Kindness? Selflessness? Meekness? Or would they see jealousy, a competitors spirit and fakeness? 

Where do you stand? Where is your heart right now? Because we are all on the same team. When you win, I win. And when you get pushed down, I come down with you. We represent the author of the universe and our hearts should most definitely reflect it. He was humble and kind – though having every reason to brag about it... He didn’t. What right to we have to act entitled? None at all. So I encourage you to genuinely encourage your neighbor! When we TRULY lift them up we kill envy and we stomp on jealousy. All this to say we are better together, we are on the same team and we need to start acting like it! 

Build up those around you!



Dress - ZARA 

Shoes - Vans 

Bomber - A'GACI

Fishnet socks- ASOS