Home Cooked Happiness

Home Cooked Happiness. You’re probably scrolling through this post thinking “what in the world?!?”. Truth is I’ve refrained from writing to you all when there really isn't something valuable to be said. I truly hate writing a post just to write one! However, today I’ve got a something cooking up in my heart. Through busy seasons I’ve often experienced that my relationship with God unconsciously becomes secondary. It’s our daily duty to make sure God sits at the throne of our focus. This is difficult — it is super challenging when everything in our world screams for our attention. Slowly our happiness dwindles and we wonder what the heck happened!?

Now by no means am I saying we are completely in control of our happiness - life has it’s bitter pieces and some we can’t control. The happiness I speak of is the daily ““am I okay?” “am I happy?” “why am I discouraged?” “why do I have a creative block?” - I’ve often found myself asking these questions and looking for answers everywhere but where I needed to look. Truth is GOD(not ourselves) deposits in us the resources to cook up responses to these answers. When we focus our eyes on Him, we can face the day to day challenges with a slap in the face (you get what I mean ;)). 

I read a quote recently that said, “When you have no song in you heart to sing. Sing anyway.”. That’s home cooked happiness! Its using what you have and fighting through discouragement. It’s choosing joy when you see sorrow. It’s reading the word when you feel full and when you feel empty. It’s using the resources God has given you to fight through your feelings. Feelings come and go — search for what is concrete! For that which does not change through the seasons. Jesus is constant! He isn't fickle and He will never ever go back on His word. 

So start cooking! Use what you have and learn to be content in that space. In my opinion, home cooked meals are always better. They have more flavor and best of all you…can always have seconds ;)  

With all the love the world, 



Shoes - ZARA 

Mesh Cardigan - F21

Jeans - Topshop