Authentic. The state of being true, not a counterfeit. I feel as if we battle with being original more than we’d like to admit. We face a world where definition of self changes daily and our worth is measured by materials and likes on instagram. "Likes" and "followers" have no say in the definition of your worth nor do they mean you are better or worse than anyone. Webster defines “Authentic” as

  • real or genuine : not copied or false
  • true and accurate
  • made to be or look just like an original
  • forming to an original so as to reproduce essential features

I don’t think our problem is based upon the idea that we imitate others. It is a human tendency to copy actions and trends. We can’t help but adapt certain tendencies whether they be consciously or unconsciously. The true issue lies with who we imitate. We were created to imitate. There I said it! We could not learn if we did not imitate someone or first see someone model it. We just imitate the wrong trends and follow people who aren't the perfect example. 

Look at what Webster states being authentic means “forming to an original so as to reproduce essential features”. What if we would conform to the TRUE original. We’d have no issues with authenticity because in Him lies all creativity. He is the definition of authentic. He is the perfect example! 

He is the pattern we follow and in him we can find true identity. True authenticity! So before you adapt to society ask yourself why you're changing in the first place? Maybe you don't even notice your adapting — ask yourself why you do the very things you do?

Most of all evaluate your heart. Why do you post on instagram and other social media sites? Whats the outcome you’re looking to produce? What do you want people to think when they see your picture or your words on a screen? If you're trying to imitate or be like someone else — check your heart. More than anything our goal is to be like Jesus and if Im trying to be like others I’m working against my nature.

Humbleness in all of this is a major factor. Being authentic is also recognizing you may not be the best at everything or have a perfect life, but with what you have you make beautiful things. Use what is in your hands. Seek to impress the Father rather than people. Be yourself! 

You’re a master piece! 




BAG - Madewell

Pants - ZARA

Shirt - UO

Sandals - F21

Handkerchief- Target

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