Jesus. I would not miss the opportunity during this “holiday” weekend to proclaim the name of Jesus. Rags and Grace serves to encourage and empower young women to find their identity and regain their confidence. This would not even be an obtainable goal without the reason I write to begin with. Jesus, the son of God saved my life and for this reason all my days I will live to proclaim that very name that set me free. 

You see.. He chose us far before we could even utter His name. His very nature oozes fierce love — so much so that He died on a cross not only for me but AS ME. He took my place. He took your place so you could live eternally with God in heaven.

My past, my hurt, my pain is nothing compared to knowing Him. He’s washed my filthy rags and made them white as snow. Not so I could just gain anything from this or brag about it but so that he'd move heaven and earth to just have a relationship with us. He is so rich in mercy and his grace saved my very being. 

In every other religion you see that man has to do works/action to just be saved but this is not the case here. In other regions you must come to God first but here Jesus took action. He came to man. He meets us right where we are. You don't have to have it all together. He'll meet you where you are.

For this reason, I can’t contain my love for Him nor will I stop proclaiming it. If you read Rags and Grace understand this one thing — He loves you. He is out of His mind crazy in love with you. He wants a relationship with you. He died on that cross just to make a way for you.

Let this soak in you heart. If you wish to know him more or take the next step in this journey — I’d love to walk you through it. 

The bible says:

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Romans 10:9

If you confess this and believe in you heart and ask God to forgive you of the past but provide strength for the future he'd want nothing more than to be your very source. He’ll never leave your side.

Life is hard. It will never cease to be difficult, but a life with Jesus is worth far more than a life alone. He will carry you when you can't even carry yourself. He truly loves you. 

You are worth it! 



If you made decision to follow Jesus don't leave this page without letting me know! Fill out a contact form! I'd love to rejoice with you and help you in any way possible. Please know this information will not be visible to everyone. Just you, I and God will know and thats all the matters :) 

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