Complete. As a child, I always daydreamed about how my life would look like at different ages. At 15 I would have my first boyfriend, which did not happen. I thought it would take me forever to loose the fear of driving, but I quickly conquered it. I expected to be married by now at age 22 (my younger self would be disappointed), but I am single. All these expectations and hopes I placed for myself and yet when they didn't happen I was heartbroken. I had my life planned before I could even learned to read. Let’s be honest.. WE ALL DO THIS. 

Humans plan every second of their lives forgetting who is the owner of their life. We quickly forget who created the seconds, the minutes and the hours. He owns it all. How can we possiblyplan tomorrow without understanding today?!

Lately, Ive lingered around this idea.. I’m always trying to be complete. I’m constantly trying to mark off things on my check list. I need to feel fulfilled and accomplished, yet when I don't mark things off I feel frustrated. After some thought and a deep tear session (no judgment here), I realized my need to feel complete had nothing to do with these “tasks” or “dreams”, but everything to do with who I live for. 

Do I live for the idea of a perfect life? or do I understand that HE COMPLETES IT. He is the perfect life. Submitting my dreams and wishes to him has everything to do with who I trust. Do I trust him enough to follow Him? Will I fight to follow even when I don't understand? 

Truth is we wont be complete when we are married, or when we have a beautiful house with kids. Nor will we be satisfied when we get the perfect job or a perfect car. Completeness is only found in Him. It is living to fulfill His will on earth — not mine. 

Here’s my advice. Stop searching for the next best opportunity or looking to check things off your list. Ask Him what HE wants to do today and tomorrow and the next day. Submit your plans. Give up your need for control. Lean not on your own understanding — we need him. 

Lastly, we will never ever be fully satisfied. We will always want more and more and more. We must learn daily to be content with whats before us. One day in heaven we’ll learn true completeness, but until then fight to know Him. Fight your heart. Give in to God’s will.

You got this! 



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