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Stephanie Velez2 Comments

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves… this holiday is dreaded by all the singles in the world. It’s almost as if we have the word “SINGLE” tattooed on our forehead. However, I refuse to be bitter. Singleness is preparation. It’s a season in which my priority is to be like God and where I allow my character to be molded. You see many times we are stuck in a season because we refuse to learn from it. We refuse to grow and embrace singleness. Being alone has taught me that I wasn’t ready to begin with. My heart wasn’t ready. I had not learned a life of complete devotion to God and how could I ever be devoted to someone else?  My relationship with the Father wasn’t grounded and therefore everything was unstable.

If you are single here’s my advice: Stop searching. Stop walking into rooms and asking yourself “Is he the one?” “Could he be it?”

The truth is we become to set on not being alone so much so that we worship the idea of a relationship. That’s all we think about and all we dream about. Our worship to God diminishes and our worship to the idea of a relationship becomes louder and louder.

We place this “need” at the center of our lives where it has no business being. Jesus should be at the center. He is the only one who can with stand that pressure.

So you’re single? Get prepared! Learn the word. Know God intimately. Be beautiful on the inside. Learn selflessness and surrender your pride. Be available. Be open minded and close hearted.

I know what you’re thinking.. “That’s so hard” or “I’m tired of being alone”

I have to remind myself daily that I will waste my time complaining and comparing. If I desire someone with amazing qualities I must be that first. I must meet that standard before I expect someone else to reach them.

And if you are in a relationship: BE BETTER. Live selflessly. Constantly challenge your partner by challenging yourself first. Make sure Christ is the center of your relationship because if he isn’t… it wont last.

The reality is just because people are in a relationship it doesn’t mean they are truly happy. Don’t compare but set standards. Become the best version of yourself and never let conformity slip in.

You can always better. You can always grow. Don’t waste your time complaining or comparing. Trust that God has the best intention for your life and His timing is impeccable. Allow yourself to be molded and don’t let your heart get in the way. TRUST!

You are worth it!




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