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Stephanie VelezComment

Faithful. I’ve been a faithful americano drinker for the past year. When I mean faithful I mean nothing has taken it’s place nor have I cheated with with any other Starbucks drink. Often I’ve wondered if I should switch to a coconut milk latte or maybe even tea, but every time I try to adventure outside of the routine I always end up wishing I had gotten the highly praised americano. I’m truly faithful to this habit. 

I can imagine God’s disposition to look similar, yet more breathtaking. His relentless will to choose us each and every time. To keep His vows fiercely and without hesitation. I mean, I being merely human can look around and fill my heart with everything but Him. I can quickly forget the God I serve and to whom my devotion is tethered to.

How quickly we forget the very breath we breathe was bought at a cost. A cost nor you or I could of ever gained on our own strength or merit. He is faithful. He is passionately seeking me out. He desires to meet with me. 

Once again I’m found here. At the point in which I must restate my love for Him. Not to remind Him of this love, but more importantly to remind my heart who I love. He has not forgotten and His love is unmoved. However, I must restate this love even louder and louder every day so that my heart may remember to whom it belongs. I almost imagine my heart to have Alzheimers. Though my mind may be weak.. here I will remind it daily. I will write it on the walls. Tattoo it on my wrists. I won’t wait for a preacher to lift my spirit or a song to touch the pit of my soul. I will tell my heart to awaken. It is my job to fight my flesh .

Here’s my proposition. Seek wholeheartedly. Fight daily to know him. Don’t wait to “feel like it” or lean on someone else’s faith. Awaken your spirit. Choose him over your will. Make Him the only option. Always & forever. 

1-2 O my soul, bless God.

    From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name!

O my soul, bless God,

    don’t forget a single blessing!

Psalm 103:2

Be faithful! 



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