Stephanie VelezComment


Stephanie VelezComment

Brokenness. In the eyes of man anything that is fractured is of no use. It's value depreciated and it's presence no longer required. In the eyes of God that which is broken is useful. In fact, things that are whole have a sense of pride and long not to be touched my God. However, it is broken people that are in the perfect position to be molded by God. You see, if we needed no molding we'd be without need of a Savior. We would not require the assistance of anyone or anything, yet we aren’t self sufficient and we never will be.

I've been reading a book called "A Tale of Three Kings" by Gene Edwards and I have been left speechless with every chapter. There’s a specific section took my heart captive and it stated, "On that day, David was enrolled, not into the lineage of royalty but into the school of brokenness".

HOLD UP. What on earth does this mean? Well the day that David (author of most of the book of Psalms in the bible) was set apart to be king was a day where he'd enter into a lifetime of brokenness. He would understand that God desires a broken vessel. He'd learn the ropes of the broken and he’d write lots of songs about it. His life wouldn't be perfectly laid out full of perfect scenarios, however it would be a life that was moldable.

What’s the point, Stephi? Life isn't full of perfection and we are flawed, but God can only work with the vulnerable and the willing. I must come to the full knowledge that my brokenness is the perfect platform for God to intervene. Will I let him? That’s the question! Will I allow God to shape me no matter how hard the circumstance will be?

Think about this: Who are we to think that we cannot suffer for Christ? Who are we to think that we cannot stand for Him when He gave his life for us? Are we untouchable? Filled with pride, maybe? 

Our sins were piled on him. All on him.. Yet by his pain - we get healed! It is the greatest privilege to suffer for Christ! 

Be moldable.

Be teachable.

Most of all – learn from this season of brokenness.



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