Over the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about a message I heard at church that has challenged my perspective. The reality is you can separate people into two categories – Consumers and Contributors. You are either putting out something into the world or you are consuming what is out there. I’ve found we often fall into the consumer category. Our mentality is set on filling ourselves up, rather than trying to filling others up.

What is my point? It is important to be filled. It is vital to be nourished and functioning, however it is not healthy for you to consume and never contribute. It is like carrying a ton of weight you were not meant to carry. It weighs you down and keeps you from growing. Whether it be a relationship or your posture towards life in general, there is so much inside of you that has to be shared. If in a relationship you are always consuming and not contributing it won’t be long until one end gets tired.

Be a contributor! Add life to those around you! Seek opportunities for growth and choose to be someone who doesn’t just sit around, but someone who is proactive.

You were meant for more!




Lately I have had a sever obsession with bombers! It is so hard not to want buy all of Zara. Apart from bombers, I’ve been loving the white sneaker trend. I’m an avid believer in being comfortable as well as being cute in the process and well these sneakers allow that. BOOM there ya have it! My two current favorites! Hope you enjoyed this look!

Photos by RJ Roser Photography