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Stephanie VelezComment

Hidden. The rawness of feeling hidden can bring you to a deep sadness. To feel as if no one truly sees you for YOU and the hopelessness of trying to be seen in the process. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt as if they were stuck under Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. You may even doubt how I could feel this way, however these words are true and they are real to me. 

You could be wishing your boss sees your efforts or even your parents. Maybe it’s that you have been single for what it seems like decades now and no one even asks you to coffee. Or maybe you feel God is blessing everyone around you and you are stuck cheering others on – not that you hate it or feel jealous, but you are just waiting for your turn. 

If you are human, you’ve felt one of these at one point in your life and can relate to these words in more ways than one. Truth is we have all be on a benchwarmer at one point in our lives or even the water boy for a team, however that doesn’t mean you are forgotten. 

I came to a beautiful revelation of what being “hidden” truly entails. I was rushing to make a smoothie the other day when I came to the point where I needed a banana to complete my snack. I saw how my mom had placed the banana in the darkest corner of our kitchen so it could become ripe faster. Then it came to me... Sometimes things need to be hidden so they can develop. So they can bare great fruit. Being hidden allows us to get ready for the future without interruption. 

My mother does the same with avocados. When they are extremely hard and impossible to eat she places them in the cabinet in the midst of darkness so that they are ready to be eaten within the day. The avocado can become ready over the course of a couple of days. However, if you hide it it can be ready faster. 

What is my point exactly? We can either delight in being hidden and take in each moment of that season or we can make the process longer by trying to “be seen." Beautiful things come when they are ready, however our attitude and actions determine the outcome. “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention” (James Thurber). They just are! 

Here’s my encouragement – If you feel hidden, take advantage of that moment. It means God is working with you still. He’ll always be working in you until Christ is fully formed in you. However, if you feel invisible, trust that He’s set you apart for a specific purpose. He will carefully place you where you need to be within His timing. Stop trying to be seen and trust that He has already had eyes on you from the very beginning.

You are seen! 



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