Note to self: Die to Self

Note to self: Die to Self


Note to self: Die to self. 

What is at the center of your world? What dictates what you do? Ive realized that my life is most fulfilled when I channel my focus towards  a goal that is greater than myself. When Christ is the center of my life I completely understand that my life is more meaningful when I lay it down. Lay down my comfort, need for recognition or even the desire to be wanted and loved. What do I mean by this? Well, most of the time we are thinking about ourselves, our desires, our dreams and never for a second do we stop to ask how does this better our world. How can my projects and daily routines benefit others? SIMPLE.. Make them about others! The world is a better place when we die to our everyday routines. How can this be accomplished daily? Smile at a stranger, pay for someones coffee or even tell someone how beautiful they are. In your mouth lies the power of life and death and you can either destroy someone or bring life to them by the mere use of words. So live today purposefully and selfless! Be encouraged and encourage others! 

The look... Well, to be quite honest I've fallen head over heels for shirt dresses. I am well aware some people do not grasp the concept of a shirt being a dress, but nevertheless I am fan! I purchased this beauty at UO in the sale section and have been giving it heart eyes every since! Thanks for stopping by.. 

You are important! 



Dress: Urban Outfitters (similar) 

Sandals: Old Navy

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

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