At the Edge

At the Edge


 At the edge. I'm at the edge of a rough season and Im leaping onto new heights. A place where fear, insecurity, and doubt will have no say. You see, for years I've indulged in the commodity of "what if" and "I wish," but I refuse to remain a slave to my comfort zone. Change your "I wish" to "I will" and make the world turn! Live madly in love with adventure! I found that my heart is happiest when it is found in the will of God. I no longer wish, desire or dream for anything other than His plan for my life. For I know He leads me to places He's already been before. Take heart and be free! Let your creativity wander!

Flowly dresses are my favorite! I feel so girly and if I throw in a jacket I can quickly feel edgy all in one. What more could a gal ask for, right? Also, this dress is a wardrobe essential for me. I always look to purchase pieces that are basic and easy to mesh with other items. I am a firm believer of actually using clothing more than once. Its kind of absurd to buy an item and only use it once. Therefore, If i can't use it in more than more way I will not but it. Thats just a little rule for me. Doing so I've found my bank account happier and my choices broader. Try it! 

You were meant to soar! 



Dress: H&M

Boots: Topshop

Jacket: H&M

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff