Have you ever planted something and were impatient to see the results? Did you check daily to see if there was any sign of change? Recently, my cousin replanted my succulents in my backyard. They had grown massively and they had surpassed the size of the original pot they came in. I had been negligent with them after weeks of checking their status. I know you're thinking inside your head "whats the point?", but I realized that this story about my plants is relatable to my life. I had been so caught up in the result of the plant that I grew impatient and gave up.  Quickly, I felt convicted! I always search for results and for evidence of growth, but then Igive up and never continue if its not as fast as I desire it to be. Don't focus on the result, but what you become while you're waiting. Are you bitter, impatient, or even unkind while waiting for growth?  If only I would of stayed faithful to the original plan I would have seen the bigger picture.

How can you relate to this? Well, have you ever started a workout routine and were faithful for a time, but didnt see any change so you stopped? or even a friendship that you invested time in, but didnt see any change so you gave up? I'm not telling you to endure a hard friendship if its unhealthy or to be in anything that is negative for your life, but I am shedding light on the need for endurance. We must walk in grace and endure what ever may come. Growth will come.. not on our time watch but in God's perfect timing.

Girls!!! Ive expressed my love for ripped jeans before and I just want to reiterate how lovely they are. Put together an outfit with some ripped jeans and tag me or use the hashtag #rangsandgrace! I would love to see how you style them!!

You are faithful! 

Top: Loft 

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: The Office (purchased in topshop- Similar)