Tracing Beauty

Tracing Beauty


Beauty. oh beauty! As a child I always dreamed of the day the word "beautiful" would slip off the lips of a young man. I imagined the only way to be seen as some sort of beauitiful would be soley because of physical appearance. I mean, lets be honest.. when we hear the word beautiful we see pictures in our minds of perfect faces and bodies. Could it be we are completely mislead? I read a phrase on pinterest that said "If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?" Conviction flooded my heart and from then on I've been marked.  People can be physically attractive, but their words make them unattaractive. So lets try something.. take out the physical and just analyze the heart of those you consider beautiful...are they still all you claim them to be?  Now look at your own heart.. your intentions, your motives. I mean, the people we falsely praise are physically "flawless", but once they open their lips its as if they undo it all. Be beautiful from the inside out. Let all thats lovely flow and truly make that which is physical even more attractive. If I could be known for anything on this planet, I would consider it a privilge to be seen as someone who loves the Lord fierecly  and traces beauty in everything and everyone. "The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others". I dont want beauty if its not from within. I want beauty on the inside... to love others like Christ loves them. For there are more beautiful people in this world than we imagine. Your eye cant trace it, but your heart can. 

Open your eyes.. You are surrounded by beauty!



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