A Beautiful Life

A Beautiful Life


A beautiful life. In previous posts I’ve written on subjects that I felt were relevant to women to address issues we all deal with daily. Recently I was asked to develop some ideas surrounding the topic of “A beautiful life”. I tried several times to write around this idea and I realized that beauty in all its essence is based on perspective. Our eyes must be sharpened to the draw attention on that which is worthy of admiration.

I always think of the febreze commercial when thinking about a beautiful life. They take a dirty room and spray tons of good scents all over the room and blind fold a person to see their initial reaction when sitting in the “filthy room”. Immediately when they are asked where they think they are their response is something pretty and clean, but in reality they are in a room, which looks opposite.

Don’t you think this may be a depiction of our lives? We see chaos and ugliness, but if we stopped and smelled the atmosphere we’d find our lives are in better shape than we think? I mean, perfection isn’t always reachable, but maybe we need to change the atmosphere of our whereabouts. Maybe we need to set the tone for the environments we live in. I believe we have the power to entire shift the heaviness and invite peace.

So if you are asking.. “can a beautiful life be created?”

Well the answer is yes, but more importantly you must understand life is already beautiful. It is our eyes that need to be adjusted.

I found a picture that stated:

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,

or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

Don’t you think we should invite Jesus to help us shift our perspective?  Invite him to rule our thoughts and actions. That’s truly living a beautiful life.. giving God the utmost place of honor in our lives and letting him rule in every type of atmosphere.  We cannot allow our thoughts be louder than His Voice.

Your life is beautiful!