Blind Spot

Blind Spot

Blind spot. The area where our vision fails us and our judgment is biased. We cannot grow alone and our character cannot be sharpened in solitude. We need each other.

The best remedy for blind spots is genuine friendship. The place where you can be transparent and allow someone else to help you get your heart in check.

Have you ever been driving and try to get on your right lane but you don't know if there is someone in your blind spot? Or worse.. you get in your right lane and realize there was someone there and by the slightest you almost get into an accident? I DO THIS! all the time! Its so bad! When my brother is in the car He helps me check if there is someone there blocking my view.

We need this in our lives. We need people to point out the areas that need work and encourage us to go forward. Not only do we need them to point out what needs work, but we need them to point out the areas in which we are strong. A support system that can celebrate our victories and help us move on from our defeats. 

My best advice for friendships:

(just a few important ones)

  1. Let Jesus be the center of your friendship - He'll help you keep things in check.
  2. Put their needs before yours - Be out for each other not just for yourself
  3. Don't allow negativity to be the language you speak when together - if you have nothing to say that can build their life don't speak. 
  4. Be happy when they succeed- Don't let jealousy hinder the friendship.. you are not in a competition. You're on the same team! 
  5. Be transparent-say what you feel

Good friendships aren't built over night nor are they always perfect, but they are worth every second you invest in them. I challenge you this week to look inward and allow your true friends to help you with your blind spots. We all have them! Lets work together! Lets work on the areas that need to be made more beautiful and polish the areas, which are already beautiful. 

Check out these girls! They are so unique & beautiful. Ive attached links to their blog & Instagram below so you can follow along! So inspiring! 

You were wonderfully made!