I never leave the house without...

I never leave the house without...

I never leave my house without three things. It is not my favorite lipstick, or cellphone although those are with me, I am referring to something way more valuable. 

I never leave the house without..

a goal

a heart check


A goal.

I love to adventure, but usually my adventures are planned out in some sort of fashion. I never do things just to do them. I feel time is so valuable and it cannot be taken back. So why do you do the things you do? Does your actions add to you life or the lives around you? Are they self centered? Ask yourself these questions and truly make every day count. 

A heart check.

Before going anywhere I present the day to the creator. See where my heart is at. See where His heart is at. Sometimes we end up leaving the house without even praying or taking a second to think. We are bombarded by school, work and people and give no room for his Voice to lead our steps. Its like going a day without proper nourishment. We can't give our best when we aren't fully prepared. The posture of our hearts should be inclined to His Will, His plan and His desire. What does He require from us today and how can we play a part in that plan? 


A clear vision of who I am. Full awareness of how I can be better and how I can ultimately be a reflection of who God is. Entering the day with an understanding that I'm not perfect, but I can aim to be better, kinder and less self centered. The knowledge that what makes me beautiful is not the amount of make up of on my face, but the words that I speak and how I treat others. Being myself, knowing in whom my identity is found and striving to be more like HIM. When I leave the house knowing who I am, I am not swayed by others, trends and society. I can walk boldly fully being who God created me to be.

How do you always start your day? What can't you leave you house without?

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You are valuable!