Be Open

Be Open


Be open. Open to the idea of what could be. I've realized many opportunities are passed because we have limited vision. We only see what’s before us and neglect the possibility of what could be.

A couple of months ago that was me. My vision was blurred and my dreams were muted, BUT I realized most of my unhappiness back then was stemmed from the absence of dreams. The absence of a wandering spirit. I didn't try to do things differently or shoot for new ideas. I was unmotivated and I didnt really see much going for my life. It may seem silly, but I'm being set free of insecurities I've had all my life because I was enslaved by thoughts. That I WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. UNWORTHY & FAR FROM BEAUTIFUL. Thoughts that changed my way of thinking, acting and speaking. For instance, for the first time in forever I'm falling in love with my natural hair. I use to hate it with a passion, but now I’m growing fond of the idea.

Being on the other side of the spectrum, I can now see that insecurity may seem like a weakness, but God can turn anything that is intended for evil and bring goodness. I now rely on HIS strength and not my own. HIS thoughts of me and not the thoughts of others. HIS voice and not my own. 

I know what you're thinking.. Well here you go. Talking about insecurities again. Insecurity is a daily battle, but I promise you are the victor. Some days you may feel the fight is lost and its gets harder to muster up confidence, but I assure you.. you win. Every. Single. Time. Why? Because HE WON! He conquered evil! HE IS FOR YOU. HE LOVES YOU. HE IS YOUR STRENGTH. 

So today I urge you to see past the now, to dream further than tomorrow and fight for the future. To dream again and live purposefully. To die to your thoughts and live for HIM!

You are worth it!



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