Stephanie VelezComment


Stephanie VelezComment

R E F L E C T I O N 

Reflection: (

  • to throw or to cast back; cause to return or rebound
  • to reproduce; show
  • to give back or show an image of; mirror

What are you reflecting? The reality of life is that we all reflect things. We all reproduce styles, values and ideas. We are excellent at mirroring attitudes and trends. Since it is so easy for us to do so.. have you ever thought about what exactly you're reflecting? What image are you mirroring? What are others seeing through your life? 

Putting words aside, the mere use of images can speak volumes. When others see you.. what do they see? 

My ultimate goal is not to reflect the trendiest styles or the ideas of self gain, but to bring you to the conclusion that life is not about us. Our purpose by living is to know God! If people only see vain desires through us what does that speak of our character? Of our hearts? Our motives? Are we being a representation of the Father? Do others recognize Jesus in our actions and words? 

There is a problem with our lives if all others can see is ourselves. If all you see through Rags & Grace is fashion I have failed as a communicator, because life is so much more than the assets we obtain. So I urge you to evaluate what you're reflecting!

Examine your heart.

Test your intentions. 

Be a true reflection.