Clingy. I’ve heard this word countless times. Usually it is used in a negative way referring to people in a relationship. However, I’ve come to see it’s value in our vocabulary. Our heart usually clings to things naturally. Whether it be a product, a feeling or a person. This simple thought came to mind — what would it look like if I cling to that which is good, perfect and holy? 

What if we desired purity more than vanity? What if we cling to the Fathers desires for us and not our own? Would our goals be differently?

The definition of Cling means:

  •  to hold onto something or someone very tightly
  • to stay very close to someone for emotional support, protection, etc.
  • to stick to something or someone

My only desire for you today is that you would check what your heart is clinging to. That you would evaluate what takes up your time and what consumes your actions. I desire nothing more but to honor God with my life. To bring him praise not only with my lips, but with my actions. This cannot be a reality if I cling to anything but him. 

Make a list of what you need to separate yourself from so that you can cling on to who matters. Cling to good people, to His word, to beautiful adventures, to inner beauty, to community and most importantly to Jesus. Cling to His heart. 

You are loved!



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