Above Reproach

Above Reproach

Above reproach. Have you ever acted out without thinking? More specifically acting in a manner without thinking about the repercussions and how that might affect those around me? 

The bible call us to live a life above reproach — meaning our actions would be free of criticisms and those around us would not be effected negatively by it. I mean, lets face it.. We love to dance around the lines. The lines that separate that which is good and that which is sinful, but in reality what message are we giving? We reveal a lot about ourselves when we dance around the line. We should be way far from it so there isn't a thought that could cross someones mind related to sin. That’s living a life above reproach!

Now think about it— how does what you write on social media effect those who follow you? How does the pictures you post speak of your character? Are they contrary to character of Christ? Lets be real, we love things that make us feel good or look good but really what are we conveying? Are they really good after all? Sin looks great from a distance because we can romanticize about it, but it leaves us empty— thats what my pastor always says!

Im not talking about being religious and filled with rules about every single detail, but I am getting at the heart of the way we portray ourself. Our lives should always point to Jesus! 

Ladies, your body is beautiful. So beautiful that not everyone should see every detail of it. Again I repeat… Im not saying for you to go to an extreme, but I am saying that we must be aware of the messages we send with what we wear and what we post.

Do I wear dresses? Do I wear skirts? FOR SURE! But I do understand that some items aren't meant for my body and I will strive for purity in all senses. 

What you wear tells a lot about yourself and it will attract exactly what it portrays. Be aware of what you post. Live a life of purity! Being pure is beautiful! It takes work and it is very hard to protect these days but it is not impossible. Value yourself— because if you don't others will not care to. 

Lastly, understand that you represent Jesus. Think about this.. if others cant see Jesus in you what must change? How you act? How you dress? How you speak? 

I say this will love and a filter of grace! We all fall short but you are so worth it! So much so that what you represent matters! Point to Christ in everything you do! 



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