All I Need

Have you ever felt unmotivated? Like you just can’t seem to shake off apathy and your creative senses seem nonexistent? Well, that was me a couple of weeks ago. I had no desire to become creative and get projects done. I’m being extremely honest with you all because I realized this is something we all go through. We hit road blocks and we become paralyzed.

I came to terms with it all two weeks ago. I had been stumbling through social media and became stressed at the fact that I had become a little negligent with my work.

It all came back to me while I was driving home one day. I had been on my lane doing the right speed limit when I took my eyes off my lane and looked to the side. I saw another car just fly by me and my perspective shifted entirely. Being so focused on what the other car was doing made me swerve and become stressed out. God then revealed to me that this is exactly what is going on in my life. God has called me to focus on my lane. To run the race that is set before me – not to run or look at someone else’s lane. I have all I need to run the race. I lack the resources and ability to run someone else’s race, but mine… God has given me all I need. I just need to put it to work.

Truth is we become discouraged when we aren’t focused on what is set before us. Now, I think It is our job to cheer others on, but It is also our job to keep envy from spoiling our walk. However, it is our duty to STAY FOCUSED and motivated. If you look over to the right or to the left – encourage and continue!

Here is my advice for the discouraged: figure out what motivates you and do just that… over and over again. Don't let someone else lane or speed keep you unfocused. 

Here is my advice for the encouraged: keep motivated and motivate others. You’re in the perfect place to move forward, yet help other move forward too.

You truly have all you need before you to reach the highest mountains, conquer the hardest battles, overcome apathy and cultivate creativity! God has sent his Son and the Holy Spirit to encourage and motivate us to continue the race. We have all we need.

You have all you need - now put it to work! 



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