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Pay attention to Detail

Stephanie VelezComment
Pay attention to Detail

Pay attention to the details:  

I deserve nothing yet I have everything

My horrible days are someones best days 

My problems are someone else's blessings

I have the ability to dream 

to grow

to breathe

My life is worth far more than the greatest treasure 

I have eyes to see 

Ears to hear

There are opportunities coming to life 

Comparison will not rule my day

Beauty cannot be compared

I will admire those around me 

My thoughts will be positive 

My lips will make things come to life 

My worries are temporary 

My problems are solvable 

My God is faithful

I have the ability to choose 

I choose to speak life

I choose to love

I choose to be happy

We are forgetful. We forget what we ate yesterday or what we just did 20 minutes ago. The truth is we forget more than we remember. Today I encourage you to make a list. Analyze your life and the things that make it significant. Mark the blessings that become un noticed. I promise you your day will look a lot different when you realize the beauty in your life. God is all in the details. He makes everything so worthy of admiration. Take the time to admire his work. Pay attention to the details.

You have everything! 



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