Ordinary. Oh the fear of being ordinary. Lately, I've heard countless rants about not wanting to be ordinary. I’m convinced we all start at ordinary. We all don't know exactly who we are and what we like. We experiment with a hair color or type of clothing and decide whether or not it’s "us". I don't think people just wake up one day and create this amazing life all in one day. It’s a build up of weeks, months and countless wrong ideas and a handful of great ones. I mean, unless your Jesus I highly doubt you can do these things and if you can.. Than more power to you! Personally, it took me a while to realize that my true self could never be found on the cover of a magazine or on the racks of forever 21. My truest self is hidden in the Father. When I submitted my insecurities and doubts to Him, I found myself. Day by day I was given ideas and new ways of displaying what I loved. I realized that God is the only source of creativity and He is the only supplier I care to run to. My ideas without God are useless and selfish, but when united with his heart they become valuable.

 The ordinary is the beginning of a holy place. It is the place where we realize being ourselves is the only way God can step in. If only we would realize that God desires the ordinary. A simple surrender can birth an extraordinary destiny. Get lost in Him. You'll find your true self and your purpose. 

You are extraordinary! 

Stephi xx


Top: Triple Thread 

So excited to be collaborating with Triple Thread! Here's look at favorite casual top at the moment. To see more pieces click the button!