I’ve always been an independent person. My mother says that I always wanted to dress myself and if I would cry it wouldn’t be for food, but because I disliked my outfit (probably accurate). I love the ability that we have to just get things done without needing assistance from other people. I mean, just thinking about needing someone for simple tasks frustrates me, because I love producing results. I don’t mean this in an insulting way, but I just don’t like bothering people for something I can do on my own. 

It’s silly isn’t it? We’ve grown into such independent humans and seldom do we ask for assistance for the basic things. To be quite honest, we are just like this with God. We are so independent in our mindset that we mentally eliminate the HUGE role He plays in our life. 

I’ve been thinking lately on how much I talk to Him. On how much I really depend on Him and not myself. I came to the conclusion that since it’s a natural tendency to not want to bother others and to do things on my own in turn I give no part to God. I withhold from Him the rightful place He deserves, and without noticing I begin to worship myself, my efforts, and what I’ve accomplished. 

Truth is, this plays into how we grow with Him and how much we get nourished spiritually. 

What if every time you spoke to your significant other you had to rely on someone to tell them because you couldn’t do it yourself? Would that affect how close you were to them? Would you even still be together?  Imagine if every time we wanted to speak with God we had to rely on someone else to communicate the message? Can you picture this? Someone delivering messages to God for you. The reality is that we do this. ALL THE TIME. We go to church and rely on someone else to get us to that place with God. For someone else to preach something so good to keep you close and interested. We are so independent with some things, yet so dependent with others. 

How would your life change if you relied less on your worship leader or pastor to get you to that place with God and more on yourself?  I’m not saying not to be led by them or not to rely on them at times, but what I am saying is that you must learn how to feed yourself. To search for new revelation and grow in God. What would happen if your church closed tomorrow? Would you have that relationship with God to continue this walk? Even babies must learn how to feed themselves. Could you imagine a 40-year-old man being fed by His mom because he never learned himself? 

Now this isn’t the easiest task. It requires time and dedication on your part. It requires you making time for God and developing this relationship. Read one chapter of a book in the Bible a day. Search for a great devotional. Find a translation of the Bible that works for you. Make an effort to find what works for you. The beautiful thing about God is that He’s been waiting for you all along. He’s not mad at you. He’s just waiting for you to develop a personal relationship with Him. 

Let me encourage you to make it your priority to know God. To seek Him. To depend less on your pastor, mentor, or leaders and really awaken the leader within you. Yes, YOU. You have just as much capability to meet with God as anyone else. Jesus dying on the cross gave you access to God forever. Nourish yourself. Stir up your faith. He’s been waiting. 

You are capable!