Back to School

Back to School

Back to school season has arrived! August seems to sneak up on us and it can make us frantic. Do not fret...I teamed up with A'GACI to style the perfect back to school look. The key focus when shopping for school items for me was always what I can get the most use out of and what will not go out of style so quickly. Two things: Bombers + T-shirt dresses

Bombers are the perfect jacket for the Fall. Why bombers? Well they can be added to any outfit. Whether you are wearing a dress, jeans or even overalls - they just add the cherry on top to your look! T-shirt dress are perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall. I've found that here in florida some days you just can't wear jeans because the heat is unbearable - yet when you have a dress on you can conquer the humidity with a smile... and still look cute!

Boom! There you have it! Check out the A'GACI for all your back to school needs! Their clothing is so cute + affordable!

You are worth it! 



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