Xmas Vibez

Xmas Vibez. By now you are either done with christmas shopping or you're picking up last minute items to complete your list. Or maybe even you are like me last year and waiting till Christmas Eve to start (never again.. the worst thing ever!).

Well wherever you find yourself...think about this: If I had nothing to give how could I make those around me feel special this year? Gift giving is one way to make your loved ones know you love them, but I know we can spread love this season in many other ways. Focus less on the gift and more on the person you are giving it to. And most importantly understand that this season is truly to honor Jesus! He is the best gift we could ever ask for! Show the love of Jesus this season by working with excellence, sending someone kind words via text or by simply doing something for someone! Make it your priority to make Him the reason for all that you do today and everyday. 

Now kill those store lines, wrap some presents and hug someone... anyone! :)  

You are so special! 



Top: H&M

Overalldress- ZARA

Boots- Dr Martens

Beanie- Old Navy

Photos by Love Jomy <3