Nashville Take 2


If I could take one place back to Florida with me it would have to be Pinewood Social. Hands down the coolest spot ever. Not only do they have bowling, but you can sit down and eat a meal, enjoy some coffee or hang around on your laptop. Everything I love all in one place!  

Pinewood Social - 33 Peabody St, Nashville, TN 37210

Nashville is coffee heaven. Every coffee shop I went to was unbelievable. My tastebuds were so happy! I'm sure there are tons of other spots to go to but two places I loved were: Barista Parlor & Frothy Monkey!

Barista Parlor Golden Sound 610 Magazine St Nashville, TN 37203

Frothy Monkey 2509 12th Avenue S

Now as for my outfit I was inspired by this Mas Tacos T-shirt I bought the day before. Here's my logic.. you can make any plain tee a fashion statement. Just add a chocker and some cute bottoms and you are set! 

Hope you enjoyed this day in Nashville! More coming your way tomorrow! 

You are thought of... Every second of every day! 



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