Have you ever felt like you could do more? That you could be more creative or make things move in a better fashion? Chances are if you’ve felt this way, it’s because you can do more. There’s certainly more in you than you can comprehend. I even dare to say you haven’t even scratched the surface of what God has intended you to be. So what do you do now?

Every time I feel this way I usually decide to feed myself with things that stimulate energy – doing things that will motivate me to grow and stretch.  Secondly, I starve everything that is hindering me from growing. If it’s a person, I choose not to surround myself with them. If it’s an environment, I choose not to linger there. Even people on social media – if I’m not growing from seeing their stuff, my eyes really don’t need to see it.

The mere truth is; you are capable of much more. You were created for much more. Find out what makes you wake up in the morning and pursue it! Chase after it! And if what you were created for doesn’t “produce” for you right away, or “take off”, don’t get discouraged! Beautiful things don’t evolve over night, they take months and seasons to form! Diamonds are chiseled and worked on before they even “look” like diamonds. Choose your focus and feed yourself motivation daily!

You were made for more!



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