The V I P

the v i p

Have you ever gotten the opportunity to be "VIP" for something? Whether it be a concert or an all access pass? Or maybe even amazing seats at a concert!? I remember getting an amazing spot at an Ed Sheran concert. It was almost like I could touch him. Haha okay maybe that's a bit extreme but ya get the point! I was in an arena where there were thousands of people and I had one of the best spots in the house. I felt like I had wings haha! I had special access and I was soaking it all in! 

I mean if you think about it, we've been giving VIP access to God. When Jesus died on the cross, it gave us the privilege to enter into a personal relationship with God. We are now able to get even closer to God! We can enter into His presence just as we are. No mask, unashamed, and with open arms! 

I've been thinking about what that communicates to us. What it means for us as His children. I can remember countless times taking that VIP access to God for granted. I mean, if you are human, like me, you probably do this daily! 

I'm writing to you today just to remind you of that access. The privilege that was given when Jesus died on the cross. Don't wait another second to become closer to Him. Instead, make it your priority to revel in that access. To choose to develop your relationship with Him! 

Taking the access to God for granted is like having a VIP pass, but never using it. You were made for much more than just speaking to God once a week or when you are in church. Having God in your heart means you can depend on him for strength, guidance, love, and the list goes on and on! Don't do life alone! God's just waiting for you to call on His name ;)

You were made for more! 



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