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Stephanie VelezComment


Available. Are you available? These three magic words can change the course of our lives within seconds. I mean, if the answer to this question is no, then automatically the door closes, however if we answer yes we are now entering a world of opportunity. More importantly, who is asking this question? Is it someone worthy of your time?

What if the one asking this question was God? Would you be willing to step into whatever he asks of you? There are dry seasons in life where you are just screaming for God to make things move, yet there are times were the opportunities are so numerous we cant even keep up. Maybe God is just screaming for our attention, but we aren't available to lend him our ears and heart. My point is if God asked of you to walk with him, are you available to listen? would you be willing to walk?  Most of the time we want things to change in our lives, yet we haven't made space for new things to enter. We want to be ready for God and walk with him, but we haven't let go of the very areas that are cluttered. 

Someone at church said something that marked my life… He said, “God doesn't use the perfect..He uses the available.” Immediately I asked thought, “Do I make myself available for God?” “Would I be willing to put a hold on my plans?”

The truth is friends I wouldn't wanna live a life full of my plans. They sound promising, but the only true life is the one lived for Christ. One that is consumed with his purpose and his promise. My life is worthless if it’s lived for my desires alone. How can my actions help his works? Be available to Him and He will lead you.

Ask yourself this week & present these thoughts to God:

  • Am I available?
  • Am I willing? 
  • How can I help? 

You are meant for greatness!