Okay don't be alarmed.. It's about to get really transparent real fast. Lately I’ve felt almost forgotten. As if life is happening around me and I'm just watching my dreams slip away. It’s funny how we can fall back into old patterns and ways of thinking. However, this past week during a worship service I heard God clearly say: “Your dreams are not forgotten. What I have placed in your heart is valid – these dreams were placed by Me. I have set you apart for such a time as this. Begin to prepare yourself- search for me more. Sharpen your skills and spend time with Me. Be bold and speak your mind. You have a voice! There are people who desire to hear you..your voice was made to be heard by a specific people”.

So as I thought about what to write about I was reminded of what God had told me this weekend. Let me encourage you for a second… You are not forgotten. God is working in your favor behind the scenes. Trust him! Sharpen your skills – get ready for the future. Be prepared! The best is on its way... in fact it may already be here. Open your eyes and see what God is doing around you. I’m being transparent with you all because I feel there is strength in weakness. God is glorified even with the broken pieces. His power is made perfect in our weakness.

Rest easy! You were born to do great things!




Who else loves culottes? They are seriously my favorite! I’ve been looking for excuses to wear them all the time! Also… can I just say chunky heels are everything! They add such a classy vibe to any look. Try it out and show me by using the hashtag #ragsandgrace

Photos by Nydia Mercado

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