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Stephanie VelezComment

Bare. There are bare seasons in life. These seasons seem lifeless with no hint of movement. I’ve found that these seasons seem unimportant and useless yet they are crucial. The posture of my heart will determine how I leave this season. Bare seasons simply mean we as humans can’t detect God, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t moving. You see, movement doesn't necessarily mean action. God’s way of moving doesn’t translate as movement in our perspective, yet He is behind the scenes making a way in the darkness.

 I've recently come out of a season where my human eyes and heart detected no movement and no action on Gods part. The reality is that movement doesn't always come across how I expect it to. If the Father's ways are higher and His thoughts are higher then it lends itself to reason that His way of working will not always make sense to us. How silly is it for us to think that we would understand the motives and plans of the One who created the entire universe? We want answers for things when we forget that He has a plan far better than we could ever put together. Our need to know everything is the root of the problem. We don’t know what it is to give up our lives and need for control and let God take full control. Is it too hard to believe the God of the universe has promised to take care of me? I would love to say that everyday I wake up not desiring to know what is next or even ask God “who am I going to marry?" But the reality of the matter is this; I must give up control on a daily basis. Daily I have to say “God, I am yours. I submit my will to Yours. I am Yours wholeheartedly.”

If you desire to do anything – desire to know Him more. Use this bare season to grow and prepare yourself. If you must ask of anything – ask for strength daily. We are so focused on tomorrow that we loose sight of what the Father has planned for today.

Take heart! Be encouraged with the truth that He is still working. He is still shifting things on our behalf. I've been learning to trust without certainty. To love without limitations. To follow Him without my human desire to have everything all figured out getting in the way. He is moving. He is working. Now I am trusting. 

He is working!



P.s. Here are some memories from my recent trip to Savannah for my best friend's birthday. Isn't she lovely? 

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