Begin Again

Begin Again

Happy New Year!

I’ve been so eager to write to you all, but I think a break from blogging was healthy to start the New Year with fresh perspective. This post will look differently than my usual writing…stick with me ;)

Firstly, I wanted to thank you all for reading Rags & Grace. I’ve seen God touch the lives of women through this journey and even me as I write to you all.  It’s humbling to see the community of readers that has been developed in such a short time. I’ve let myself become vulnerable and transparent with the hope that someone might relate and find freedom. Not only have I enjoyed reading your comments, but I loved reading and answering all the emails you all send me. This proves to me that there is hope! There is healing! Jesus is what makes the difference in our lives!

My heart is not to blog about fashion so you could feel as if you have to reach a standard. I blog so that you could be encouraged in knowing that there is beauty in living a life free of comparison and false expectation.

My goal this year is to build you up. Not for selfish gain, but for His gain. So that your life may be a beautiful reflection of whom God is. The best you will ultimately reflect the best of Him. Be encouraged – we are all under construction. Let's work together this year! Let's become breathtaking on the inside and it will surely reflect on the outside!

You were meant much for more!



P.S. Over the next couple of days I will be sharing moments form my trip to NY with my friends. Hope you enjoy!

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